FACA Policy Statements

The FLORIDA ANIMAL CONTROL ASSOCIATION is a strong supporter of local option and presents our policies in that perspective. We urge all Animal Control and Protection Agencies to give these policies serious thought. FACA does not present them as requirements for membership, but rather as worthwhile goals for all to strive toward.

The policies, available for download below, reflect the current position of FACA. Policies will change as information becomes available which will improve the quality of life for the citizens and animals of Florida.

Best Practices for Humane Animal Care and Live Release Programming – NEW!


Animal Holding Periods

Breed Specific Legislation

Chemical Immobilization

Controlled Substances

Cruelty To Animals

Dangerous or Vicious Animals

Dead Animals

Disaster Management of Animals

Domestic Abuse and Animals

Emergency Preparedness


Exotic and Wild Animals as Pets

Free Roaming Cats

Guard Dogs

Injured or Sick Animals

Leash or Restraint Laws

License Tags and Permanent Identification

Pound Seizure

Pre Exposure Rabies Immunization

Recommended Staffing


Stray Dogs and Cats

Taser & Stun Gun Use on Animals

Tethering of Dogs

Training & Certification