Florida State Statute 828.058, and Florida Administrative Code 61G18-16.005, mandate that an employee or agent of a public or private agency, animal shelter or other facility that is operated for the collection and care of stray, neglected, abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats must successfully complete a 16 hour euthanasia technician certification course prior to performing animal euthanasia. 

This course is not open to veterinary technicians who work for private practice veterinary clinics, wildlife rehabilitators, or the general public.  Instructors will only certify students who are employed by agencies or shelters that are subject to Florida State Statute 823.15 record requirements. 

FAPAA requires all students complete the four modules of Fear Free Shelters as a prerequisite to the euthanasia course taught by FAPAA instructors. Fear Free Shelters is a free Online training program for animal protection, control, care, and welfare professionals.










Euthanasia Instructor Application



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