Selection Committee

Each regular “Agency Member” will have a vote in selecting our 2021/2022 award winners.

FACA will be forming a “Selection Committee” and each regular “Agency Member” will be allowed to have one (1) employee represent their agency on the committee. If you have interest in joining the Selection Committee, please contact FACA, but only after you have the support of your Agency Head. Once the individual Selection Committee members have all been identified, FACA will communicate directly with each one individually. They will all be granted access to a restricted webpage, where they can review all awards submissions and cast their votes on behalf of their agency. Please note, Selection Committee members will only be able to vote on those categories that do not include a nomination from their own agency.

The review period will be from January 16th, 2022 through January 21st, 2022 and more specific details will be provided directly to the designated person from your agency prior to that time. 

If you are ready to appoint someone to join the Selection Committee on behalf of your agency, please submit the following form: Selection Committee 2022  to FACA via email:

If you have already been identified as a Selection Committee member, you may:   Log In Now