2024 Dues Invoice

NOTICE: To Pay Offline, Please print the PDF here and follow the instructions to submit to FAPAA. To Pay Online, with credit card or P card, please complete the below.

Agency Information

FAPAA recommends using a distribution email address as primary email for all employees to receive FAPAA member communication, quarterly newsletter, website access, and access to job bulletin board.

Head of Agency

To be used for important correspondences and questions from FAPAA Headquarters

Number of Employee's

Check the Category that corresponds to your number of employees.

$75 flat fee for agencies of 1-5 employees

For 6-10 employees ($21 PER EMPLOYEE)

For 11-25 employees ($16 PER EMPLOYEE)

For 26-50 employees ($13 PER EMPLOYEE)

For 51-100 employees ($11 PER EMPLOYEE)

For over 100 employees ($8 PER EMPLOYEE)

Employee Information

ALL BUDGETED PAID EMPLOYEES must be members and included; including but not limited to leadership, enforcement, shelter, adoptions, clinic, outreach, volunteer/foster, etc., include ALL budgeted vacancies.

Please provide the position titles and the number of employees in each position directly above the blue button where they would add the positions.

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