About the Florida Animal Control Association

The Board of Directors meet about four to five times a year. These meetings are open to the membership. The membership may address the Board on matters relating to the association. Just contact our Executive Director in order to be included on the agenda, or for the date of the next Board meeting.

Members are encouraged to become active on the “committee level”. If you are interested in becoming more involved, or just have FACA related questions, e-mail the Executive Director.

All members of FACA are urged to utilize the services FACA provides. Suggestions, comments and requests are ALWAYS welcome.

What do you need to know more about? FACA may be able to help you find the answers. We are always adding to our data bases on animal care, welfare, control and protection, salaries and animal statistics. Our large network of professionals may have the answers you are looking for. We urge you to take advantage of the many training opportunities available in Florida.

FACA believes that certification programs should impart both the knowledge and the skills needed for persons to perform their jobs in a professional manner. An initial mandatory certification program for county animal control officers became effective on January 1, 1990 and requires the completion of a minimum 40 hour training curriculum, approved by FACA, before they can issue citations, as outlined in FSS 828.27. In addition, FSS 828.27 requires 16 hour training in order to be certified in Chemical Immobilization. The State of Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine has approved FACA’s 16 hour training course in order to be certified in Euthanasia, as required in FSS 828.058. FACA supports legislation that requires mandatory certification training for Animal Control Officers, Chemical Immobilization and Euthanasia certification.