The Florida Animal Control Association recognizes the need for commercial businesses to implement sufficient security to protect and defend property and life. It is preferable that electronic and police surveillance methods be used as a first means of defense. When other methods have failed, there are occasions when a dog will be used for guarding businesses.

Dogs used for guarding businesses should be specifically trained by competent trainers for sentry and patrol duties. Only humane methods of training are acceptable.

Owners of such dogs must assure that guard dogs are adequately fenced, confined or secured to prevent escape. At entrance points warning signs should be displayed indicating that a “Bad Dog” is present. At the main entry point, a sign should be posted listing the name, address and telephone numbers of the dog’s trainer, handler or owner.

Local governments may wish to utilize a registration system for guard dogs that requires special identification tags, tattoos and/or electronic implants. Guard dogs should be humanely transported in vehicles with separate cages appropriate for the size of the animal. Vehicles should be plainly marked to show that a guard dog is being transported.

FACA discourages public, private and non-profit shelters from releasing animals for the specific purpose of serving as guard dogs. Commercial businesses and guard dog services should utilize animals bred and trained specifically for the purpose of serving as guard dogs.