FACA strongly believes that every animal control and protection agency should maintain an effective adoption program to maximize the number of adoptable animals that can be placed into homes.

Placement of animals should only be made when individuals desiring to adopt can demonstrate that they will be responsible pet owners. Animal control and protection agencies and shelters should have the right to refuse animal adoptions based on predetermined criteria. Animal control and protection agencies should have comprehensive screening procedures that evaluate both the animal and the potential adopters in an effort to insure that the animals adopted are being placed in a long-term home.

Florida state law requires that “provision shall be made for the sterilization of all dogs and cats sold or released for adoption from any public or private animal shelter or animal control agency operated by a humane society or by a county, city, or other incorporated political subdivision” (FL Statutes, Chapter 823.15).

The Florida Animal Control Association does not tell an individual animal control and protection agency which sterilization program to use. However, FACA recommends and State Law requires that a shelter have a sterilization program for all animals adopted from the facility.